Weekly Inspiration #2

Please don't freak out, I promise I'm not getting sucked into some dark ambiance! I think this is what will be fun about doing these weekly inspirations because I feel less pressure and I'm just having fun experimenting. 

This week was styled by one of my dear creative friends from college, Chelsea Tobin. She's an amazing painter and visual artist and loved seeing what she brought as inspiration. We not only made quite a mess in the bathtub, but discovered an old chicken coop with a HUGE black snake inside!

After doing this shoot it was funny how much the mood somehow transferred into my week. I started to feel overwhelmed with an overload of things to do, ideas and of course life questions of what I'm doing as a freelance artist! I feel like too often I let myself get worried and overwhelmed, just like these photos we feel ourselves slipping into a state of confusion. Constantly checking our phones, being idols to the world and the darkness we're surrounded by. I challenge you to slow down, focus on finding the reasons hidden between the big ideas and happiness in this beautiful weather while we have it! 

Interested in collaborating for a weekly inspiration? Don't be shy, I love working with others, just fill out the contact form and I'll be in touch!!