Talk about a whirl wind of emotions...please excuse any pretenses as I write about the last month long journey I took before transitioning into my new life of being based back in the Midwest! It was a hard decision to leave my spirit city of New York, but the timing seemed to be perfect because my apartment lease was ending the same day as my retouching contract with my current job. I of course never want to make anything already stressful, less stressful... so I decided if the plan was already to sell all of my belongings and move half way across the country, I might as well pack one bag and head the opposite direction. This plan helps when you have an amazing Fiance willing to drive your packed car load back home!

So long story short...January was quite crazy, but I made it out alive and I was headed to IRELAND! 

First stop - DUBLIN

My best friend came with me for the first part of this long trip and although it was an easy flight from Newark to Dublin, we didn't landed till 7am, so we had to hit the ground running! Dublin felt small and we walked everywhere, but I fell in love Guinness - something I never thought possible. I also, experienced my first Hostel and let's just say Dublin luckily didn't set the bar high! 

Next stop...Galway!