Narrowing Your Creative Path

There have been points along my creative path I wasn't sure where I was headed. Everything felt like a BIG unreachable dream and I wanted "all the things."


Somewhere along that path of stumbles, I was unknowingly defining my passions more and more.

It was easy to see what others were doing and imagined myself there. I wanted to travel the world and I wanted my photos to be meaningful. I wanted them to “help” the world.

How crazy of a dream was that!?

At the beginning there were so many bridges to cross it felt overwhelming. I wondered if I had crossed the right one, or wasted so much time going in the wrong direction.

Now I look back and see how each bridge crossed was somehow leading me in the right direction. Even if a bridge felt like a detour, it brought a lesson, new knowledge, a fresh outlook and a story that is mine. 


It's hard when you want to quickly go from point A to point B - enjoy the path of stumbles. Perfecting your craft and narrowing down your niche takes time and continuous effort.

When it doesn't resonate with have started to narrowing your creative niche and I believe that is an awesome path to be on!