NYC Bhangra's Holi Hai Festival

Yesterday was a wonderful COLORFUL day in NYC!

New York was holding the 5th annual Bhangra's Holi Hai Festival, the Indian festival of colors! Everybody celebrates with music, dancing, food and of course throwing colors at each other. 

"NYC Bhangra’s mission of engaging diverse audiences into Indian performing arts is in line with the Holi festival. Besides, bringing culture and Indian traditions to many American Indians & other ethnic communities of New York, Holi Hai continues to educate diverse ethnic communities about India: food, music, ethnic wear and dance forms." 

I do consider myself pretty brave for actually taking my camera to this event, and trusting my make shift baggie protector, unlike all the photographers who stood on the sidelines with their 70-200mm lenses. (shame on you) I was blindly shooting, but was was glad I decided to participate! I'll definitely be coming back next year.