Parenting in a 5x5 Shack

Can you imagine trying to be a parent in a 5x5 shack? The stresses, fears and doubts that accompany raising a child are already endless. 

The streets in this Indian slum were flooded on my second visit and as I was making my way through the tiny streets I noticed this mother and her child. They were cuddling and laughing, just like any other moment a parent would have. 

She waved me inside her little “home” as I captured the sweet moment and got to say hi to her adorable little boy. As I stepped back out into the pouring rain I wondered if she was blind to her surroundings. She is likely a single mother in this slum and her son at not even a year old, will sleep on a concrete floor constantly exposed to diseases. 

It’s not my hope that by sharing these stories we feel “bad” - but inspired. No matter if it’s just viewing your own life differently, take a moment to reflect and appreciate.

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