Please Visit Dingle

There was no doubt I had found the most beautiful place in the world. 

One of my favorite days in my entire life and I promise I wouldn't say such a thing if I didn't 100% mean it. I first wanted to visit Dingle, Ireland because... well it's called DINGLE! lol, but I honestly had NO idea I was going to encounter some of the most beautiful scenery I could have EVER imagined. 

The Dingle Peninsula is the most northern of the major peninsulas in County Kerry and it ends beyond the town of Dingle at Dunmore Head, the westernmost point of Ireland and basically Europe.  

It was this day that made spending the crazy amount of money on our rental car worth it as we were able to stop and spent as much time as we wanted. Also, quite opposite from the Cliffs of Moher it felt like we'd stumbled upon a secret nobody else in the world could possibly know about. 

We sat eating bread and cheese and talking about life, friendship and happiness and there was an overwhelming peace. And we were thankful. 

So after sun bathing and relaxing we spent the entire day literally running around and catching our scarves in the wind. This day couldn't have been MORE perfect. 

- Tara