International Women's Day - Women in the Changing World of Work

I've been wanting to start a photo series for a while now and I had decided a while back it would focus on different women and their empowering stories of struggle, success and basic human rights. So here we are...

I thought what better day to start then on International Women's Day with this years theme being: "Women in the Changing World of Work". 

We are Strong - We are Women: "The Entrepreneur" - Ongole, India

This is a woman I photographed in Ongole, India that was running her own street side shop in a village. I’m sure she faces far more struggles than I could imagine when it comes to starting a business, but she was so happy to show off her hard work.

She stood proud in front of her shop and I remember thinking, she has no idea the powerful message she is sending to every young girl in this community: Women’s rights are human rights, and our dreams can be just as ambitious as any man. 

We are Strong - We are Women - The Entrepreneur, Ongole, India

- Tara