Cliffs of Moher

Getting back to editing images from Ireland and falling love all over again...I have to separate the next couple days up in order to not overwhelm you with images of beautiful landscape. Plus I have a TON of images of just cliffs... #noregrets 

The Cliffs of Moher happened on day 3 of the Ireland journey and it's absolutely true that the view is breathtaking, but it's still just a HUGE tourist attraction. Large groups walking around being loud with selfie sticks and getting as close to the edge as possible and screaming. One more reason I was so glad to be there during the off season, but of course there are downfalls like getting dark earlier and feeling slightly rushed. 

There was still something about it's greatness that made me feel like I was at the edge of the earth and incredibly small! Also, yes the water was REALLY that blue! 

I heard we were super lucky to have such a beautiful sunny day when we went and sometimes it's so foggy you can't see anything! If you're ever able to make this trip, pack a lunch (it's a long drive out there) and plan a complete day of it and just sit, hike and feel blessed to be apart of such an amazing world! 

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