Starved Rock State Park

A fun weekend adventure at Starved Rock State Park in Illinois. My fiance Collin, travels every week to Chicago for work and I thought I'd give him a break from traveling home and I'd come to him this weekend and make an adventure out of it. He looked up a few places within driving distance and we decided on Starved Rock State Park, it's about 1.45 hours outside of Chicago, so an easy drive. 

The park trails were actually quite the adventure, it had been raining a lot lately so we were sliding everywhere in the mud and towards the end of our hike we got caught in a thunderstorm - this ended up being my favorite part!! It's not a true adventure without getting lost, becoming dirty beyond means and of course just enough danger! So on our way back in the pouring rain I convinced Collin we should cross a bridge that was closed with the words DANGER written on a sign and that this would actually be a short cut - I WAS LOVING IT! 

Overall the park is totally worth visiting if you're a drive away, you can spend the entire day running around, getting muddy and seeing people wearing american flag shirts with coyotes faces on them. TRUE LIFE! 

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