Swaziland Stories - Nothabiso, 15 yrs

I was working on a video in Swaziland for a non-profit called Orma’s Orphans, (which I will be sharing soon) but after my first couple talks with Orma about the issues of young girls walking home, I was in shock. On average children in Swaziland walk over an hour to school each way. Putting many of them at risk of being lured by men for sex-trafficking, kidnapping or even being killed for rituals.

At one point Orma told me a story about a girl walking home from school that was too slow for her friends.
When Orma found out the girl was walking alone, she told the girls, “Walk Fast, Walk Together.”

The quote stuck with me. It represented something deeper in the culture and to women globally.

We soon had set up time for me to interview eight girls between the ages of 12-20. It was a long and emotional day.
Each and every one challenged my strength and opened my heart as I listened to their stories unfold.


Throughout the years of growing in this role as a storyteller/photographer
I have continually asked myself:

  • Why am I drawn to this work?

  • What difference do I believe I can make?

  • Who am I to take up this space?

But each time, there is a fire burning within me saying...what if I can use these skills to bring you along with me?

What if something about listening to these precious voices lights a fire within you?

So I’m asking you to really listen.

To imagine yourself sitting in front of Nothabiso as she shares her story. To hold her hand as she says something is scary and tears swell in her eyes.


I will continue sharing each girl’s story over the next couple months. Please let me know if you enjoyed this way of storytelling.

Also, if you would be interested in hearing future interviews as a more formal podcast format?

Please leave some love below and let me know your thoughts!



Swaziland Stories

I will be sharing each girls story over the next couple months, so stay tuned and leave some love!