Parenting in a 5x5 Shack

Can you imagine trying to be a parent in a 5x5 shack? The stresses, fears and doubts that accompany raising a child are already endless. 

The streets in this Indian slum were flooded on my second visit and as I was making my way through the tiny streets I noticed this mother and her child. They were cuddling and laughing, just like any other moment a parent would have. 

She waved me inside her little “home” as I captured the sweet moment and got to say hi to her adorable little boy. As I stepped back out into the pouring rain I wondered if she was blind to her surroundings. She is likely a single mother in this slum and her son at not even a year old, will sleep on a concrete floor constantly exposed to diseases. 

It’s not my hope that by sharing these stories we feel “bad” - but inspired. No matter if it’s just viewing your own life differently, take a moment to reflect and appreciate.

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Traveling Isn't Always Fun

My husband may rely a little too much on his phone when it comes to directions, but traveling without this handsome man just isn't the same. 

When people ask about our travels I want them to know it's not always full of happy Instagrams and adventures.

It's often a lot of eating alone at restaurants, packing and unpacking, bad food choices, being sad about leaving our dog, and going longer than we'd like without seeing each other. Someday we hope to do less traveling without each other...but for now, he's ordering my favorite pizza in Boston and I'm packing for the next photo adventures.

What do YOU guys do to stay sane when you're traveling constantly? Especially when your spouse is traveling as well? 

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NYC Bhangra's Holi Hai Festival

I do consider myself pretty brave for actually taking my camera to this event, and trusting my make shift baggie protector, unlike all the photographers who stood on the sidelines with their 70-200mm lenses. (shame on you) I was blindly shooting, but was was glad I decided to participate! I'll definitely be coming back next year.

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